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LEONARD BIRDSONG RADIO is a show hosted by a Law Professor, former diplomat and former federal prosecutor who loves to talk to you and others in an effort to both entertain and inform.
The show is a unique blend of humor, opinion, storytelling, and information. Leonard Birdsong will never provide you with fake news but he will always make you laugh out loud at his true news stories about dumb criminals and their shenanigans which he reports on each show. He also has some other, what he calls “news tidbits,” that will pop up throughout the show that you may find interesting and sometimes funny. He may drop a few “Yo Mama” jokes that people have sent him over the years, and, occasionally, he provides you his “words of wisdom” concerning life and leadership that you will like.

Leonard also hosts guests, many of whom with which he discusses law-related topics that many people would like to know about such as, what is an arrest, what are your rights under the fourth Amendment, how to buy a franchise business, will the death penalty be abolished in the United States, how to protect yourself against identity theft, and myths about the Constitution of the United States. He also talks to authors with whom he discusses such topics as why some people are so successful and others are not, how to bounce back from setbacks, how to never waste another day in a job you do not like, and other success and happiness topics.

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This Week at The White House

To say it was a busy week at the White House would be an understatement. Leonard recaps a wild week at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He’ll also share some strong words about Trump from a respected conservative. Plus, our popular dumb criminal stories, and some news of the booze- A Gallup poll reveals the drinking habits of Americans.




Facts About Perry Mason

Our favorite lawyer shares some facts you may not know about the creation of one of the most popular fictional lawyers, Perry Mason. But before that, it’s this week’s batch of dumb criminal news.



Understanding Obstruction of Justice

We begin today’s show on a lighter note, with the history of Flag Day, and our first batch of Dumb Criminal stories. Then Professor Birdsong looks back on past Presidential misdeeds, explains what obstruction of justice is, and what it could mean for President Trump.




The Dumb News

If were to tell you that Leonard has some dumb news from Florida, would you be surprised? Also- does Donald Trump know the meaning of the word karma? He probably does now. 





Attorney Marvin Rooks says there is more to a franchise than french fries. He talks about the process and the benefits of owning a franchise.




Dumb News about Dumb Criminals

A man with a young girlfriend, and a phone call gone wrong at the dentist’s office top this week’s dumb criminal stories.




Words of Wisdom

Leonard’s friend Bill has been sharing words of wisdom with him for years. Now he is sharing them with you.


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