Weird Criminal Law Stories

Although Professor Birdsong has been involved in serious criminal law work over the years as a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and a law professor, Professor Birdsong knows that it is good to stayed grounded. This means often taking time to look at the many funny and weird criminal law stories that crop up around the United States and the world. He believes we should not always take criminal law so seriously and instead, just have a good laugh at some of the silly foibles of dumb criminals and their crimes. That is why several years ago he began to collect and edit from the wire services and news the type of weird and funny criminal law stories that appear in this volume.
Professor Birdsong hopes that you will get a few good laughs or at least, some chuckles from this collection of weird criminal law stories and his “snarky” commentary accompanying each of them.

​Sample Story:

CHARLES COUNTY, MD: A Maryland man called 911 and spun a tale about how he had been robbed at gunpoint — so he could get a ride home. When the Charles County police pointed out the foolishness of his story, he admitted that he made it up. He further told police he wanted a ride, but his cell phone had no more minutes and the only number he could dial was 911.Moron! Pennsylvania: Police arrested a man who threatened his girlfriend with a meat cleaver after they got into an argument over the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The woman, who was holding the couple’s baby, was not hurt.Yes, yes, we know…he wanted a split decision.

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