Weird Criminal Law Stories Volume VI

There’s a story for everyone in this book. You can read about the 6-foot, 400-pound woman arrested for fraud with $26,000 found stuffed in her very ample bra; stories of women who get naked and do disorderly things like steal cars, smash car windshields and freak out in airports; the story of the dying woman who asked her husband to have a replica of her vagina carved on her tombstone which he could look at instead of chasing women after her death; stories of women teachers who have sexual affairs with high school boys; a woman who called the New Haven police from a nightclub to give her a ride home; and so many others. It’s Professor Birdsong’s funniest volume yet!

​Sample Story:

LOUISIANA: We wonder why she had to get naked? A woman got into a taxi one afternoon in the small town of Covington and demanded that the driver take her to Michigan. We do not know why she wanted to go to Michigan or where she wanted to go in Michigan. Michigan was more than 1500 miles from Covington, Louisiana. The taxi driver refused to take her anywhere, they began to argue, and then she completely disrobed, leaving her clothes on the side of the road, and slid into the driver’s seat and raced off in the taxi. The taxi driver, of course, called police who caught her after a brief chase. We strongly suspect she was impaired in some way.

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