Weird Criminal Law Stories Volume IV

This book is sure to deliver some insightful humor. Stories include the one about a drunken Indiana man who crashes his car into the home of a man and then offers to share his pizza with him; an Ohio woman dubbed the “Cleaning Fairy” who broke into people’s homes, cleaned them and then left a bill for her services; and then there’s the one about the Michigan man sent to jail for failing to pay $500,000 in back child support to 14 women with whom he sired 22 children; the story of the Chicago woman who bit off her cousin’s nose during a family gathering; and a wide variety of other stories about weird and stupid criminals.

​Sample Story:

OHIO: A person who swiped a Salvation Army kettle early in the month of December in the town of Boardman, felt so guilty about it, he or she sent $130 and an apology note to the charity, police report. “Here is the money I took plus money for a new kettle and bell,” according to the note. “Please forgive me.” A thief’s remorse? You think?

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