Weird Criminal Law Stories Volume III

The professor uses his expertise to bring you over 100 weird criminal law stories from New York City and other parts of the east coast. They are all true stories! Again, full of his witty “Birdsong” commentary, the book is sure to deliver some insightful humor. A man killed by a NYC street sweeping machine; a federal prison guard who becomes pregnant by an inmate serving time for two murders; a man slapped with two summonses for laughing too hard; a 15-year-old who robs a bank and is caught when an exploding dye pack goes off with the money he grabbed; and a wide variety of other weird and stupid criminals.

​Sample Story:

NEW YORK: A new state rule requires all court officers to wear bulletproof vests. However, the breast constricting safety gear has no contoured room for breasts making it painful and irritating for women. According to female officers, the state Office of Court Administration has had so many complaints that the agency could be forced to temporarily curtail the bulletproof vest mandate. The problem appears to have begun after the agency opted to buy “unisex” or “unstructured” bulletproof vests instead of the more expensive ones fitted for breasts.

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