Weird Criminal Law Stories Volume II

This time the professor brings forth 350 more of the funniest, weird criminal law stories from around the States and abroad. This book covers just about every silly kind of unlawful conduct one could imagine. With more of his witty “Birdsong” commentary, the book is filled with outrageous humor. There’s the story about a small New Mexico town with two police officers where neither of them can carry a gun because of their own legal problems; a story of the teen who could not turn in his homework because he left his hard drive in the backyard of the home he had burglarized; there is a story of the Texas man arrested for riding his unicycle naked; some more “drunken dummies;” and a wide variety of just plain, weird and stupid criminals.

​Sample Story:

TEXAS: Cynthia Creed, 51, had just been dismissed from jury duty in Houston when she texted a co-worker: “Call the courthouse. Tell them there is a bomb.” Then, 15 minutes later she texted, “Just kidding.” However, the co-worker had already called the police who evacuated the courthouse. Creed was arrested for giving a false police report.Cynthia is a nincompoop… CALIFORNIA: A Modesto man showed up drunk for his court date on a previous public intoxication charge. Ryan Nunes, then created a disturbance and refused to leave the courtroom – he was arrested again.Where is “AA” when a guy really needs them?

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