Techniques for Choosing and Applying to Law School

Is a legal education a good career choice for you? The benefits of a legal education include being a learned professional who is looked up to by many in our society, a professional who may help clients solve their legal problems, a professional who may enter politics and help write our laws, a professional who may become wealthy, and you will be part of a profession that will never go out of business. A democratic society will always need lawyers. You should never be out of a job if you become a lawyer.
You may have considered going to law school, but you would like to know more about the admission process from beginning to acceptance by a quality school. In this book you will find helpful chapters on:

  •  The First Lawyers?
  • Why Apply to Law School?
  • Critical Things You Need to Know About Applying to Law School
  • Application Specifics to Law School
  • A look Inside of Law School
  • Tips for Succeeding in Law School

You have the ability and the drive, now get the guidelines that will guide you into the legal profession by first successfully submitting your application to the law school of your choice.

Leonard Birdsong is a 4-time-Professor of the Year who has taught law for twenty years serving on and chairing law school admissions committees. He has also been a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., a U.S. State Department Officer, and later, in private practice he represented thirty-one people charged with First Degree Murder. He is now a law professor who has the honor of training new lawyers for a profession that has been good to him.

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