Dumbest Thieves, Thugs And Rouges

The Professor has delighted in telling you stories from his first two book series, Dumbest Criminal Law Stories and Weird Criminal Law Stories. Now he writes for fun and your enjoyment in his latest, Professor Birdsong’s Dumbest Thieves, Thugs, & Rogues.
These stories are some of the best from around the world and should bring you many good laughs.

​Sample Story:

  • A thief in Phoenix just released from County jail on drug charges ran laps around the jail celebrating his freedom, then tried to carjack a truck belonging to the jail.
  • The Miami man arrested for stealing a corpse from a casket at a funeral home.
  • An Orlando bandit who broke into a convenience store by bashing in the front door with his head.
  • The awkward thief who burglarized an Albuquerque home only to be confronted by the 66-year-old wife and her 70-year-old husband who held him at gunpoint in his car loaded with their household possession until police arrived.
  • The San Jose thug who confessed to murder by cutting out the middle man and presented himself to the Santa Clara County jail with his confession.
  • An impatient Wendy’s drive-thru customer in Chicago, so hungry he opened fire on another driver who tried to cut in front of him.
  • The thug who was sentenced to a year in jail for trying to sell a backpack of dirty socks as marijuana.
  • The Norwegian prisoner gone rogue who used a surfboard to escape from an island prison.
  • A Frenchman suspended from his job with pay for 12 years who sought compensation of $500,000 because he claimed his career was ruined.

And so many other stories about dumb thieve, thugs, and rogues that will make you laugh out loud.

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